Met-South, a new Hanceville based automotive supplier, has partnered with Wallace State’s Apprenticeship Program and has been featured in an article by the Cullman Times.

When Met-South realized they needed to grow their team they reached out to Wallace State Community College to inquire if there might be students interested who might be a good fit.  Wallace State shared about their apprenticeship program, and Met-South were encouraged to find out Wallace State is offering a training program where students are learning applicable skills and have access to same tools that are needed to excel in the work place.

“Met-South owner Don Jesse toured Wallace State and liked what he saw, observing a learning environment that engaged many of the same tools and skills his business needs. “They use the same machines that we use, and they provide a total training package, which includes workplace ethics,” he said.

The apprenticeship program allows students to work at a job while attending a community college to obtain a credential in their field.”

The article goes on to interview Wallace State’s president Dr. Vicki Karolewics and Fabian Cervantes an apprenticeship student.  To read the full article click on the link below:

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